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Looking For Best Bars In Chicago

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My friends and I wanted to visit the Chicago area to do some shopping. We made arrangements to get a hotel room and stay the night there. We knew we wanted to do more than shop and we wanted to experience the city and what it had to offer.

I went online and started looking at things for us to do once we were done shopping. I found several restaurants in the area that we could go to. Many of them had really great reviews and ratings. I told my friends about the ones that I had found and asked them if any of them sounded like restaurants they wanted to go to. We talked about it and decided that we would figure out what we wanted to eat once we got there.

Then, I started searching site online for other things to do while we were there. I wanted to check out the nightlife in the area. I found several places that we could visit and many bars that sounded like a really great time. There was one bar I found that I knew we had to visit. It was a rooftop bar in Chicago. When I told my friends about it, they agreed it was definitely a place we needed to go.

We did our shopping once we arrived in Chicago and then headed out to get something to eat. We decided to eat at a Mexican Resta, the rant that wasn’t far from our hotel. They had really great food. Then we headed out to the rooftop bar in Chicago. It was a really cool experience and unlike any of the bars, we have back home. I am glad we visited because we all had a really great time there.