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Kristen & Alex Wedding Teaser

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Kristen & Alex

Kristen and Alex are a unique couple. I say unique because Kristen is part of the family. You see I have known Kristen since she was a baby. Seen her grow up from crawling around as a baby to the beautiful woman she is today. So when I received the call to see if I could film her wedding, even though we were closed for the year, we had to open such date. In the end, all family and friends were coming together to make this special day happen. My sister became the wedding planner/cake designer/dessert table; my brother-in-law went from photographing nature to photographing a wedding; father of the bride’s friends provided the ceremony service and music.

The day started on 12/30/16 with getting ready at my sister’s house. I prepped them the best way possible letting them know it was going to be chaotic. Imagine, my 3 small nieces, bride, mother of the bride, bride’s younger sister, bridesmaids, makeup crew, grandmothers, groom’s mother, groom’s sister and many more, all under one roof. For me I am used to it, but my brother-in-law had no idea what was coming his way. I prepped him, but until you experience all this under one roof, words cannot describe the moment. Fortunately all went perfectly as planned per my timeline and we were ahead of schedule. After getting ready, we headed over to Doral Country Club where the ceremony and reception were to take place.

As for Alex, he got ready at a nearby hotel. All I can say is that he is the kind of groom every cinematographer wants. Easy going, go with the flow, tell me what I need to do for you to get the shot kind of groom. Every directions I gave, he nailed it. Thank you Alex because you made our day that much smoother…

The day was perfect for this outdoor ceremony, beautiful Miami winter day. Time had arrived for the ceremony to start. As the doors opened and Kristen walked out, she was glowing. Actually her father as well was glowing, but I think it was more from the shine of his bald head. As she walked down the isle, I looked around and everyone was in tears, happy tears of course. This beautiful day provided us with perfect lighting for artistic shots around the country club after the ceremony was over. Reception started and since majority of Alex’s family and friends were from out of town, they were ready to get on the dance floor. At one point 95% of guests were on the dance floor, dancing the night away.

Kristen and Alex, may god bless your marriage and soon to be family. Alex always remember these words… “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Enjoy

cake and dessert table: a cake to love, instagram @acaketolove
photography: Jose Mirabal

Kristen & Alex Wedding Teaser from House of Films on Vimeo.

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