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Free Electronic Recycling Near Me

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If you have an old laptop that you need to get dispose of, one of the best things you can do is to take that laptop to reputable computer recyclers near you. The last thing you want to do is put the laptop in a normal bin. Landfill sites are filling up with more and more electrical waste each year. By choosing to recycle your computer devices, you can avoid adding to the massive problems occurring at overflowing landfill sites around the country.

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Another reason why it’s important to take your laptop to a professional computer recycling store is that in the store the employees will ensure that all the data on your hard drive is unrecoverable. If you have any confidential information stored on your laptop’s hard drive, as well as private photos and videos, it’s vital that you choose a trusted recycler. You want to be sure that all traces of data are wiped from the hard drive.

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Many people wrongly believe that formatting their hard drive or restoring the OS running on their laptops to factory settings will ensure their data is secured deleted. This is not the case. With the right software, it is possible to retrieve data from a hard drive that has been reformated several times. The best computer recyclers in Manchester use professional methods to ensure none of your data is retrievable.

Some of the key materials that can be recycled from computers are found in the motherboards. Computer motherboards contain copper and gold which can be reused once it has been chemically extracted. It is also possible to salvage valuable neodymium magnets from old hard drives. These magnets have many uses and can easily be resold.

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Perhaps one of the main reasons why it’s important not to put your laptop in with the normal household refuse is because the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is full of toxic chemicals. Laptop batteries need to be disposed of in specific ways to comply with government regulations. By taking your laptop to is a professional computer recycling firm, you can rest assured that the rechargeable battery will be disposed of responsibly if it can’t be reused in a different machine.

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Many laptop recycling companies allow you to send your laptop to them in the post instead of having to visit their stores in person. What’s more, the best companies cover the cost of the postage and even give you cash for your used laptops. The amount of cash you will receive will depend on the age, condition and model number of your device.