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Cotton Candy Margarita Recipe with real candy – Love and Marriage

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This Cotton Candy Margarita recipe is going to be your new favorite! Yes, there is pink cotton candy inside and it’s so freakin’ good.
It’s Friday and if you’re looking for a cocktail to kick off the weekend this might be it. Plus, it’s very easy to make. I hate making complicated drinks that take a bunch of ingredients I never seem to have.
Of all the drinks in the world a classic margarita is my favorite. It’s what I will order 9/10 if I’m in the mood for a cocktail.
This cotton candy margarita though, might be about to bump the original from my number one slot. It’s a stiff competition.
Cotton Candy Margarita
As soon as I made this I text my best friend and was all, “OMG I JUST MADE THE BEST MARGARITA. LOOK.”
And that wasn’t the tequila talking in all caps, it was my taste buds. They were very excited.
This recipe uses your two usual margarita ingredients: tequila and lime juice. But it adds a couple new yummy ones: cream soda and cotton candy.
Yes, it is very sweet. You may need to go ahead and schedule a dentist appointment now.
Ok, here’s how you make it.
This recipe is for a single margarita, if you want to make more you can double, triple, quadruple… ( you get it) the recipe. 2 oz of your favorite Tequila 1.5 oz of lime juice 4 oz of cream soda A bunch of pink cotton candy Ice
Directions: In your glass, place a handful of cotton candy, enough to fill it. In a separate cup, add your liquid ingredients and stir. Pour the margarita mixture over the cotton candy. Add extra cotton candy if you’d like to make your drink sweeter. Add a few ice cubes. Enjoy!
I’m thinking next time I make these I should be wearing this socks:
Or this very spot-on shirt:
I feel like this is going to very quickly become a summer classic. I’ll be making this drink a lot I think just as long as I can keep my kids out of my new cotton candy stash.
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