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A wedding hairstyle according to the weather

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Image: © andrey_plant / Fotolia Every future bride has an idea about how she wants her hair to look like on her wedding day. Or at least she has discussed her hairstyle with her stylist. She knows if she wants her hair lifted or falling down, curled or straightened, with fresh flowers or a tiara. The thing that the brides and their hairstylists usually conform to is the weather. Is it going to be sunny or rainy…? How to adjust your hairstyle to the atmosphere conditions? ♥ If the weather is going to be: Hot and Dry ♥ What will bother you: Dry hair, with no shine ♥ How to handle it: If your hair is dry, use soaking shampoo and conditioner that contains glycerin and panthenol 3-4 weeks before the wedding. No matter what type of hair you have, it’s good to make a deep nourishing procedure on your hair once a week in order to prevent it from drying. If your hair is oily, don’t use any soaking products on your hair roots. Forget about the hair straightener and the hair